Welcome to Burlington Park

The old Burlington factory in South West Johnson City, now dubbed the Burlington Park, is a massive structure of over 600,000 square feet. What seperates this property from other giant spaces in the market, is the “village” like concept, which is very apparant the second you walk in the door of Burlington Park.IMG_6105
The character of the original building is kept preserved to show the exposed brick, pipes and massive beams that run throughout the entire structure.

These tasteful, open and spacious apartments are adaptable to all styles of decoration; from traditional to contemporary, the Warehouse Lofts have something for everyone. Hardwood floors, tall loft ceilings and modern appliances lend themselves to an eclectic mix of decors. Built in 1930, The Warehouse Lofts is an iconic structure and has been updated into upscale loft apartments. As part of the wave of newly renovated buildings, this converted warehouse offers affordable, city living with state of the art amenities and historic charm.